Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let there are two contains 1 litre milk and other contain 1 litre water.if i take one cup milk from first and droped into second.then again i took one cup mixture from seecond and droped into first one.
Is the amount of milk in first is same as amount of water in second?

Ans: yes
let amount of liquid in cup is c.
cane 1 cane 2
step 1:
Water 0 1

milk 1 0

water 0 1

milk 1-c c

conc^n of milk in second cone is c/(1+c) and of water 1/(1+c)

in one cup amount of milk =c* c/(1+c) amount of water c/(1+c)


water c/(1+c) 1-c/(1+c)=1/(1+c)
milk 1-c+c*c/(1+c)=1/(1+c) c-c*c/(1+c)=c/(1+c)

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